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When you agree to any of our Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3 packages and submit your payment information, then a legally binding contract will be formed between you (the “Client”, “Clients”) and Lawncare Leaders Coaching and Community (the “Company”, “We”, “Us”). Here are the terms of the Contract:


Services Provided and Our Responsibility (the “Services”)

For Clients electing any of the Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3 service packages, the Company agrees to provide access to an online library of lessons and coaching videos. These lessons and videos cover a broad range of topics from leadership in owning a lawn care business, to how to read your company’s financial statements, to how to sell your services. Also included in this service package, is access to a community of lawn care business owners. 

For Clients electing the Tier 2 service package, the Company will provide two monthly coaching calls, in addition to the online content and community described above. 

For Clients electing the Tier 3 service package, the Company will provide two monthly coaching calls and generate monthly financial statements with analysis (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement), in addition to the online content and community described above.

We are committed to providing the Services above with due care and reasonable skill.


Payment and Refund Policies

The Services will be billed utilizing a monthly subscription model. Once the Client has elected a service package and entered their payment information, they have authorized the Company to charge their account. The first month’s subscription fee for the Services will be charged at the time the Client enters their payment information. The Client account will be charged each month going forward on the day of the month the payment information was originally entered. The Client may elect to cancel the subscription at any time and monthly subscription billings we end immediately. Payments already charged to the Client account up until that cancellation date are non-refundable.  The Company does reserve the right to provide a refund or discount to some, or all, of our members at any time, but does not guarantee refunds or credits in the future. 


Pricing Changes

The Company reserves the right to adjust pricing for the Services at any time for any reason. If the Company elects to increase or decrease pricing for subscriptions, the price adjustment will be communicated to all existing Clients and the updated pricing will be charged to the Client’s account in the next payment cycle.


Warranty & Liability

The Company is committed to providing the Services with due care and reasonable skill. The satisfaction and success of the Client is our highest priority. We provide the Services so that the Client may consume and utilize our information to make better decisions, grow their businesses, and improve their personal lives. The Client is fully responsible for themselves, their businesses, and their actions within and outside of the Services provided. The Company and its members (owners, employees, and contracted consultants) are released from any liability claims relating to results or outcomes from following the Company’s coaching advice or content recommendations, the Client remains fully responsible for their decisions and actions as a result of our Services. 



No amendment to the terms above shall be effective unless a new contract is agreed upon by the Company and the Client.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 765-265-9076.

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Tier 1 - Online Courses + Community

When you purchase Tier 1 you will receive: 

-Unlimited access >50 video & audio courses

-Acess to our community network of lawn care business owners