Upselling - How to Upsell Services to Your Client

Aug 03, 2021

What's up guys! Welcome back

This week's theme is Upselling - How to Upsell Sevices to Your Client. It is just clicked over into August. And many of you guys out there, you're still mowing. You're still landscaping, but there is starting to be a shift, right? You've onboarded all these new clients. You went through this crazy production cycle where you didn't know if you'd be able to keep up with the work. And now what we're doing is we're looking out into the future and we're seeing, okay, things are getting hotter.


Sales may be slowing down. We're assessing, how we are going to be this fall or this winter. So it's a great time to be talking about upselling. And in particular, we're going to be talking about upselling services, such as fall cleanups, air rating, and seeding sprinkler system winterizer and blowouts all of those services are things that you guys need to be thinking about upselling.

I want to walk you through what we're doing in regards to air and seeding. It's a simple process, but hopefully, it will help some of you guys out there. And maybe there's something that you can help us with. Maybe there's something better that we can be doing.

Our Process

We actually had this conversation this morning about how our aerating and seeding clients auto-renew. If you're on our air rating and seeding list from last year, you will receive an initial email that just says, "Hey, Timmy Smith, you aerated and seeded us with us last year. Just so you know, we already have you on the schedule for this year. Here's your price, etc. If you would like this service, please confirm by just responding 'Yes'."

And what we'll do is take those 500, 600 people that respond 'Yes' and we will extract them. We will pull them out of our mass client list. So whatever we end up with, let's say we had 2,600 clients, 300 of them said 'Yes' and signed up for editing. That's going to only leave us with 2300.

We like the auto-renew guys because it is just a way for us to increase a little automation and then add value for the clients. Oftentimes what we've found is those clients, they're going to want it. They're going to do it every year. So there's no reason not to hop on the phone and call them each time and try to sell them.

We're just trying to make it known that if you aerate and seed, you're going to be auto-renewed for the next year unless you tell us otherwise. So that's our pitch. That's our play. And It works well. We close a high percentage. From people who aerated last year to this year, we will close a super high percentage of them.

I can't give you the exact number, but it works really, really well for us. So after we pull those people out, we're now stuck with this mass list. And so this is where we really ring out the rag. 

Keys to Upselling

I want to remind you of one of the keys to upselling. We have been consistently communicating with these clients the entire year. We have a monthly newsletter that goes out once a month, every month. And it is not just geared towards upselling. It is geared towards educating them. It's geared towards coaching them on how to do their lawn better.

It's geared towards little quick tips on watering or sharpening the mower blades. It's of value letting them know that "Hey guys, we're local and one of the things that we like to do is to help local companies. Here's our list of subcontractors that do things that we don't do." This value helps to keep the communication ties open and we've found newsletters are very helpful in that way.

Remember whenever we go to sell it makes it a lot easier. If you've laid the groundwork, it's also going to up your open rate. If you never send a newsletter, chances are your open rate is going to suck. They're just not going to look at it. So make sure you do that consistently and that you're communicating throughout the whole year.

Hopefully, you've done that. And now we're to the point where, okay, we've got this list, we've sent the auto-renew newsletter. Now what we like to do, and this is where I am completely 110% open to feedback. What we like to do is we like to send out another mass newsletter educating them on what aerating and seeding is.

We say, "Hey, we've already signed up all the people from last year that wanted this year. So our schedule will be booking up quickly. Make sure if you want this service in the previously mentioned blog post, you let us know.

Now, for everybody that responds to that newsletter, we pull them out again. So let's say we went from 2300 down to 2100. Now we've got a list of 2100 people. We're going to take that client list and we're going to actually send them a newsletter or a text message.


To sum it all up for you, one newsletter goes out to all of the auto-renews. A second newsletter goes out to everybody else. Whoever responded to that was pulled out. The next thing we send out is a mass text message to these people. This takes a little more time. We go through a company called contact smarter, and if you guys want to use them, we can put the link in the show notes, go check them.

The last thing we do is the voicemail drop. The voicemail drop is kind of that last little squeeze as we ring out the rag. The thing I love about it is that it gives off just a very natural and organic impression that, "Hey, Britt just picked up. He was thinking about their property and wanted to make sure they were taken care of."

Usually, the voicemail will say something like, "Hey, this is Britt with Green Again, Lawn. I don't want to bother you. We'd sent you a newsletter and a text message. I'm not sure if you want aerating and seeding, but part of my job is to make sure that we properly take care of you and your lawn. And one of the ways, one of the best ways to do this is through eroding and seeding. If you do want this service, we would love to get you scheduled. The date range for this is September to October 15th. So please feel free to call back or just shoot me a text and let me know." 

And you've already touched them a couple of times with more information. So they know what it is through the newsletter. They've received the text message and maybe they just forgot they get the voicemail. And I'm like, oh, shoot. Yeah, let me just respond real quick. Via text. This will close a ton of people.


We're talking high-dollar things out here, where one little tweak, one little change in your mindset, one phone call to an existing call, could make you that much more profitable. So get out there and sell. Get out there and kill it.

Guys. Hope you have a good rest of the week. Keep at it.