Competing with Yourself

Jul 22, 2021

Competing with Yourself

I'm excited about this topic! Our theme for this week is Competing with Yourself.

I want to make it clear that stress is not necessarily a bad thing. It's normal to feel stress as a business owner. I think oftentimes, we tend to feel guilty for having those emotions, such as fear, anxiousness, worry, doubt, and stress. 

The reality of it is, if you want to play in the big games, be a little fish in a big pond and make big waves, then the only way to do that is to continue to push the envelope

It's about doing your absolute best, testing your boundaries, testing your potential. What does God have for you? How can you match yourself out? And that requires a lot. And when you do that, when you're continually testing the boundaries, when you're continually pushing the envelope,  stress is inevitably going to happen.


I feel privileged that my work life, career, dreams, and ambitions are so big that I'm dealing with stress. Because if they weren't, it would be like, playing T-ball as opposed to getting into the big league game. 

External Stresses  

I've been talking with my brother a lot recently about his real estate business. Last year they were absolutely killing it, and then all of a sudden this year, it seems like everything is in transition and up in the air. All of these external stresses are hitting them. In times like this, you have to acknowledge that it's going to happen. You have to get used to the fact that stress as a business owner, as an entrepreneur, is going to happen. So, it's on us to navigate that stress and to figure out what is the solution.


You have to continually test your limits. And as a business owner, this is what's going to give you the edge over the competition. You can't put too much focus on what your competition is doing. What's this guy doing that? He's been killing it. Why is that not me? If you think like that you've already lost. 

The best way to gain market share in a new market, continually win in all circumstances, no matter what external pressure is going on around you, no matter what stress you're feeling, is to continually compete with yourself.

Give Yourself Grace

It's important to give yourself grace with your emotions. You can give yourself grace, while also driving your business forward and letting nothing else stop you.  What limits us most of the time... is ourselves.

We get in our heads. Nobody knows you better than you. You're in your head all day, every day. You know the doubts, the fears, the worries. You know when you're stressed, scared, or worried. You have all these external factors that you can blame as the problem, but you have to start with acknowledging what's in your head and that's why it's so important to compete with yourself.