Marriage & Entrepreneurship

business entrepreneurship lawncare marriage relationships Jun 25, 2021

Marriage and Entrepreneurship

Ok I will admit that title is a stretch, but I had to invent a word to bring her home. By the end of this, I want you all to believe that maintaining a healthy marriage is one of the best moves you can make as a business owner. 
If you are married or seeking a spouse, then this is the person who should give you the support and sustainability to make it through the toughest times in life.

In this blog, I am going to give you 10 ways that I have screwed up when owning my business when it comes to communicating with my spouse.


  1. I chalked, not telling her something extremely important, up to protecting her. I wrote it off as making her feel secure. I believed deep in my heart it was what was best for her
  2. I brain-dumped my entire day on her. On my terms and my schedule, I unloaded all the problems I needed to solve
  3. I did not put myself in her shoes… If I would have put myself in her shoes I would have known that the toddlers have worn her down to the sanity level of zero. I would have known that what I deem as minuscule tasks or “unimportant” things was her entire world. Nothing is a big deal when you are not the person that has to live with it or live in it.
  4. I gave her small doses of a story at work because I was worried about her response. Examples are low sales, hiring struggles, big investment plans, massive career changes.
  5. I undervalued her opinion. The Bible states that two become one whenever joined together in marriage. This means every time she is left out of a decision, I am only operating with 50% of my capacity, resources, knowledge, and perspective. So often in the early years, I was full operations and she had the gift of being able to give a high-level ownership-type perspective. I mistook her “busyness” for loss of interest in the business. I could not have been more wrong. She is wholeheartedly invested in this business just like I am. And so many times she has steered me clear of a bad decision or given me the confidence to go ahead and make a risky move knowing the upside was worth the risk. 
  6. I underestimated the amount of confidence she gives me.
  7. I underestimated her relational intuition. She can size someone up in any given situation in just a few minutes. Why do I not listen to her on this 
  8. I waited too long on allowing her to feel monetary wins. And maybe looking back, we celebrated other ways, but at the very least, we should have made more space to celebrate the small victories we made in the business
  9. I waited too long when communicating a shift in my vision. Again, because I always wanted her to feel like we were stable and she was provided for.
  10. I have not always meant what I said and said what I mean when communicating my schedule. When she asks what my schedule is she is truly listening. As opposed to me I have to be told four times that we are attending a random birthday party this weekend. If I would take more time, slow down, and communicate my priorities and what it's going to require of me to get them done, I think it would be a different conversation when I need to call an audible on my schedule
    What's funny is as I'm recording/typing this my wife just texted me, put in your calendar our friend's bday night June 26th for a couples date night…. Hahaha perfect.