Meet Britt & Zach!


Britt Dowd has built a successful lawn care company from the ground up. His ambitious and competitive spirit has pushed him to make the greatest impact in the green industry that he can. He has a relationship-based approach to leadership in lawn care. His focus on implementing systems around a clear vision has allowed his business to grow rapidly and impact more people.


Zach Miller has provided financial analysis for some of the largest companies in the Midwest. His high-energy personality has set him apart in a data driven field. It's both his passion for people and experience as a CFO that yields high margins and happy customers. Zach works exclusively with lawn care businesses to help them reach their financial goals.



"How you do anything is how you do everything"

-Zach Miller


"To get somewhere you have never been, you must do something you have never done"

-Britt Dowd 

Britt Dowd

I have a wife (Brooke) and two daughters Remi and Sage. 

Outside of helping Lawncare Leaders I like to:

Party... just messin.

Ride the four wheeler with my daughters, Play Softball, Deer Hunt, Fish and Golf. 

Zach Miller

I have a wife (Erin) and a young 3 month old son named Huxley.

Outside of helping Lawncare Leaders I like to:

Garden, Pheasant and Deer Hunt, Play Golf and Play Basketball. I also like to go on family walks with our bird dog.

We love to talk leadership and business!

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