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Meet Britt and Zach!


Britt Dowd has built a successful lawn care company from the ground up. His ambitious and competitive spirit has pushed him to make the greatest impact in the green industry that he can. He has a relationship-based approach to leadership in lawn care. His focus on implementing systems around a clear vision has allowed his business to grow rapidly and impact more people.


Zach Miller has provided financial analysis for some of the largest companies in the Midwest. His high-energy personality has set him apart in a data driven field. It's both his passion for people and experience as a CFO that yields high margins and happy customers. Zach works exclusively with lawn care businesses to help them reach their financial goals.


We exist so the Lawncare Leader can:

STOP working a job

START owning a business 

& ENJOY having a life!




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Online Courses + Community 

Get access to >50 video & audio courses designed specifically to help you grow your lawn care business and make you a better owner. We offer solutions and provide frameworks that have proven to work in the lawn care industry.


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Tier 3

CFO Services


Get a clear picture of the financial health of your business. Get a detailed roadmap to reach your financial goals. We work exclusively in the lawn care industry and tailor your monthly financial information  to make help you make more informed decisions.


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Hiring Struggles?

Hiring and onboarding new employees in the lawn care industry can be tough, we know!

But it’s CRUCIAL to growing your business and getting you OUT OF PRODUCTION.

Listen to this clip from our Audio Course on Hiring and Growing your Team.

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Investing In Equipment


Should I lease or buy this next truck/sprayer/mower? When should I buy it? Do I have the money to afford it? Ready to tackle these decisions with CONFIDENCE? Take a peak at how we make better buying decisions in our Equipment Planning and Purchasing – Part 1 video course. Whether you are making $10K or $2M, these equipment lessons will help you save money and avoid costly mistakes.

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Increase Sales 

Need to INCREASE SALES to reach your life’s goals but NOT SURE WHAT TO DO NEXT? How do you allocate your marketing/advertising budget? Check out a short clip from our Brochures video lesson, where Britt walks you through techniques that have PROVEN to increase sales and give you a good return on your money! 

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